Monday, 21 November 2011

Free food - or my golden currency!

Anyone know what this tree is?

Well, it's a persimmon tree, or Sharon fruit. The French call it a 'Kaki' tree and it is highly prized. So highly prized that as I own the largest specimen around, I use the fruit as a sort of currency. I give tons away to my neighbours to say thank you for all their kindness during the year - and in return, I am given other fruit, vegetables and produce. Works for me!

This is just from one tray of fruit - I normally get around 500 to 700 fruit a year, at around 40 to 50 fruit a box.

Unripe - no good eating this - it's like trying to eat a stick of deodorant - SO astringent - makes the mouth pucker and is absolutely awful...

However, this ripe little gem is the most delicious fruit - sweet, silky and juicy. And we do make the most of the harvest - my golden currency...


  1. What a wonderful tree! I love the thought of it being currency. I must admit I use my hens eggs a bit like that, especially when I can give a box of eggs that are all different colours. I have never eaten a persimmon but now I must try to track one down. I love the photographs,your tree looks like something from a Greek legend.Jane x

  2. We lost a large branch two years ago and another a couple of months ago, so the tree is a bit depleted in the centre. It is quite old - my neighbour has a photo of the street and you can just see the tree - the photo is from around 1900, so we are just a little worried in case we lose more branches.

  3. I'm new to this fruit. I have bought them for the last few weeks in the supermarket and I love them. You are lucky to have such an unusual tree in your garden. Beats any apple tree.

  4. Karen - well, I am fond of a nice crispy Bramley apple, which are difficult to find here in France. However, my British friend planted a Bramley a few years ago and it does seem to be doing very well, with lovely large juicy fruit that make great apple pies! Our French neighbours don't seem to have the concept of cooking apples and eating apples, but crumble puddings have just become very fashionable here!



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