Sunday, 27 May 2012

Little French Communion cards

I love these old French communion or religious cards. Little works of art, they completely reflect the styles in art over the decades. The cards above are around 1890 -1905

These are cards for best wishes, and inside hold little New Year messages to loved ones

and here is a close-up - it's hand painted

The card in the middle is actually a bookmark, with a country cottage down the lane...around 1915

These cards are from the 1930s - rather dramatic

Love the little cherubs' heads! From around 1905

You see the bow on the boy's sleeve? This is presented to him at his first communion - I have sold many and have lots still in stock - often they are handmade and must have taken many hours of work.

Now moving into the 1950s, quite pastel in colour, and the card in the middle reflects a more modern approach

and yet, these are from the 1950s - the top two are very modern in design, stylish and simple

More pretty pastel colours and lots of children - quite sweet, quite sentimental.

More pastels... very traditional

The two cards with a chalice each are from the 1960s - and can't you tell! They remind me of Coventry Cathedral or the work of artist John Piper.

A stained-glass window effect from 1970s

Here it is next to another church window, although it is difficult to see as it is white on white.

You can see more in my Etsy shop here with more information.

Have a good week!

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  1. They're so pretty, I especially like the first ones. Amazing how they've survived the test of time.



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