Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A little worn, but much loved

Item 1.
I love this game of loto - the lid is interesting with a nice picture of the Eiffel Tower: it seems to sell everything in France - including board games...the box is worn and some of the round number counters have been replaced with slices of wine bottle corks and hand-inked numbers.
Dating from the turn of the 19th/20th century.

Item 2.
This is an old French shoe last. After some research, I think it dates from around 1790 to 1830. Why? Well, Napoleon banned high heels in 1790 - this is completely flat - and right/left feet lasts appeared in France from 1818 - this is a left foot, but only slightly obviously so. The wood - probably beech or fruit wood - is close grained, a good colour, and has an amazing patina. It also has lots of old woodworm and cobbler nail marks!

This is the underside of the last, showing the hammered nail marks - the name of a cobbler in French is 'cordonnier' similar to the English 'cordwainer', which actually was a shoe maker but eventually became used for a shoe repairer or cobbler. The last is heavy and when I hold it in my hand and close my eyes, I can almost see the cobbler bashing away, re-soling a shoe...

Item 3.
This is a nice bit of old Art Nouveau brass trim - probably from an old wardrobe or armoir - I love the tiny flowers. I think it represents a palm leaf, but not sure.

This too has a gorgeous patina, built up through use - and probably smoke from wood fires - over the years

Item 4.
A little benetier, or Holy water font for private devotion in the home. This one is a bit tatty but has seen some use - the velvet fabric has worn away in places - the original hook is on the reverse for hanging on the wall.

Item 5.
A sweet little mirror, also made from beech, with its own stand. I love the bevelled octagonal glass, just slightly worn round the edges from use.

All these items show signs of age and use - some loving kept and polished, some serving a useful purpose. Although I love fine antiques and paintings too, it is these homely objects that bring history to life for me.

I have decided to thin out my collection at home - we really need the room - and am selling these items privately. If you are interested in anything, or would like further photos or details, just send me an email - they are not for sale in my Etsy or Ebay shops.


Item Prices: Item 1 - Item 2 £39.99 each, Item 3, 4, and 5 £12.99 each, P&P extra, at cost.

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  1. What a lovely collection, good luck with selling but it's always hard to 'thin out' isn't it? Jane x



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