Sunday, 31 October 2010

Some new stock - prints and books

Lovely large 1930s fashion print - gorgeous dresses...£6

Or, how about this 1914 ish at £6

Sorry, all the fashion prints are now sold
Or, this divine print, to match above, also at £6

Sorry, this journal is now sold
This is a huge journal, published in 1937 to celebrate the Paris Exhibitin of that year - stuffed full of period illustrations both in colour and black and white. £29.99

Nice book on Brittany - a must if you are thinking of visiting next year - £7

And another on Perigord - covering part of the Dordogne - with all the sites of interest £7

A wonderful book of exploration by the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen - some great illustrations of the voyage. £15. .
Sorry - le Cheval Blanc is now sold
A wonderful book about adventure in the American Prairie by Mayne Reid - great story, great black & white illustrations. £12
'Deux Meres' now sold
Charming story about two French lady cousins and their families - many drawings - over 133 £15

These French books are just lovely in themselves, but look fabulous when used to decorate a room - leave on a table or place on a bookshelf - their vintage charm is irresistable!

Sorry but this is sold
Interesting version of the highway code - in French of course! Great little present for a driving enthusiast with many fun drawings and lots of advice how not to crash....£5

sorry but 'Resistance' is sold
Small book on the French Resistance, with maps, and diagrams £7

Sorry, but the pink magazine is sold
Sweet little Jeannette magazine - or Girl Guide magazine in France - from January 1955 £5

sorry, the green mag is sold
And another from November 1954, full of stories, jokes, how-to's etc £5

Sorry, but the blue magazine is sold
SO adorable - and one from Christmas 1954, with some lovely articles, and the centre spread devoted to the Christmas story...£5


Most of these items are listed on my Ebay shop here - if not, just contact me (haven't had much time this week to finish all of my listings)

I am very happy to finish an auction early, especially at the moment as posting time is always limited with Christmas on its way - just email me or leave a message and I'm more than happy to help - for more photos, just ask!

Have a good week - happy hunting!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

French Kitchenalia - a few new finds

Sorry, these boulangerie baskets are sold
A couple of beautifully aged French boulangerie baskets - the baker would put the baguette dough in these linen lined baskets and leave in a warm place to rise.

Sorry, but the egg basket is sold
Another egg or salad basket - I've had a couple of this design before, always very popular and extremely useful!

Another boulangerie basket - round this time: you can still see traces of dough...

sorry, but I am keeping this one - until the spring that is!
A soup ladle for that all-important first course - potage - come summer or winter

A great salt pot, with the usual wooden lid BUT it's part of a matching set of...

smiley French chefs! Absolutely as rare as hen's teeth - I have never seen jars like this before - a perfect gift for the Master chef in your life...

And, I also have more of this lovely French fabric - red and sage green, with the sweetest little heart...

both chocolate moulds now sold
Two large chocolate moulds in the shape of Christmas bells - perfect for home-made choccy delights...

To read more about these and other goodies, just click on my EBAY button - or clic here.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A few new listings for sale

This is a lovely egg-shell/pale turquoise cotton, printed with gorgeous pink roses - it's quite a large print as you can see by the tape-measure

sorry but all this fabric is now sold
It has never been used - probably left over from another project - and the best thing is that it is extra wide - 2.80 metres in fact! I'm selling it in one whole piece - perfect for bedspread or curtains, and my supplier has more if anyone needs extra.

This is a very popular fabric for the Christmas season, especially amongst my American friends, several of whom have made Christmas-tree skirts for their homes.

It has a woven heart with a sage-green twist - all the right colours for a traditional Christmas...

Makes wonderful lavender hearts too...selling by the half-metre.

Such pretty flowers...

and fancy feet...

Sorry, but this clock case is sold
This is a beautiful porcelain clock case, made around 1900 in the Royal Bonn pottery, Germany and was exported to USA to the Ansonia clock factory. A little vintage gem in pink and lavenders - perfect to house that little clock movement tucked away in the back of the drawer...

Sorry, this cushion is sold
This is a frilled boudoir cushion, stitched in blue and white on an oatmeal background. Notice the Gothic-style windows where the background fabric shows through? I just love the lady musicians and dancer, all dressed in Medieval costume.

Sorry, but this is sold
A lovely vintage bag here, perfect for everyday use or storing wool, sewing etc. Handsewn in a chunky printed linen, lined with oatmeal linen and a pair of bamboo handles. Amazing to think everyone is making these bags now, but this one has been around in France since probably the 70s..and still as stylish now as then.

Sorry, this piece is sold
This is a nice piece of cut-out work, in oatmeal linen, stitched in white. It is the top of a boudoir cushion and could be used again as such, or any other re-purpose project...


For details and further information on any of the items, just press my Ebay shop button on my right-hand sidebar or contact me on my comments page.

Thanks for looking - oh, and enjoy half-term everyone :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Love these two French booklets

Sorry, but this catalogue is sold
This is a fabulous catalogue from a Parisian luggage specialist - including prices in old francs: trunks, bags, picnic hampers, cases - everything that a well-heeled traveller might need at the turn of the 19th century - you can read more about it here.

sorry, but this book is sold
Here is a Girl Guide booklet about earning their badges. In France, the Girl Guides are known as 'Jeannettes' - after Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc) of course! Each badge has a sweet little drawing - you can read more here.

I love these two booklets - the luggage catalogue is just fabulous as the photos are an absolute mine of information if you are a collector or deal in vintage luggage, and as for the Girl Guide book - it's SO sweet. I was a Girl Guide in England - in the Bantams you know, and this brought back lots of memories of doing my best, campfires - and stitching those badges onto my sleeve...


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