Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn day in Angouleme

I don't really know why, but we rarely visit Angouleme even though we live halfway between it and Limoges.  I guess as both kids are studying in Limoges, our visits to Limoges are combined with squashing into our son's little (and I do mean LITTLE) flat and collecting his laundry.

I digress.

We felt like a mooch yesterday, so drove off to Angouleme and had a lovely afternoon walking round the town centre.

Angouleme is called the cartoon capital of France and there are lots of little pictures

painted on walls.  Not sure if they are official or just good graffiti.

Love the space-age angel

 This is in the underground car-park - it's for charging up your electric car - never seen that before.

These 'sheep' were outside  a shop - great way of stopping cars parking outside and a great eye-catcher - when did you last see sheep in a city centre?

The Palais de Justice, or Law Courts,built in 1830s - I thought it was a serpent wrapping itself round the clock, but it was a very French...  

This is a 'message tree' where you can scribble notes and clip them to the 'leaves' which are actually bronzed artists' paletts.

A Renaissance building  from 1550 which is now a gallery.   

The term 'Hotel Renaissance' doesn't mean it is a hotel in the modern sense, just a large building.

One of the most famous cartoons is of course Tintin - and here is a bust of Herg├ęs, who although Belgian and lived most of his life in Belgium, the French have acknowledged his work with this rather large bust in the shopping area.

An advert above a shop - in mosiac tiles.

Nicely elegant buildings, as the sun began to set.

Some roof tops - Angouleme is set high up on ramparts, with fabulous views round the Charente countryside, but for the ancient French, it was for defence, not the skyline. 

Only about ten minutes separate these photos...and then the sun sank down and we went off to eat - at the Chinese buffet, where the only concession to French cuisine is the availability of frogs legs and sliced baguette. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

French fabric for sale

I've been going through my stash of vintage French fabrics.  It's sort of pile that most vintage fabric fans have where pieces are carefully stored for the future, when the call of creating something is loud and clear.  Unfortunately in my case, I can't sew a button on straight so time to thin out.

Beautiful burgundy, from 19thc, was once a single bed-head cover.

A striking salmon pink mattress ticking, with white flowers woven into the fabric

A real eye-pop of colour here: scarlet red, with white and grey flowers.

Another 19thc piece, in an Art Nouveau design, a little shabby but perfect for that small vintage project.

A beautiful design of floral pinks on a black background, nicely dramatic

And, finally, a little morceau of embroidery, probably from an old kneeling stool or chair, just perfect for a vintage cushion.

sorry, but all sold

As usual, if you would like any more info, just click here to take you to more pictures etc

Ooh!  Just noticed it's my 200th blog posting!

Have a good week!


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