Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hannah Hauxwell

Sadly, Hannah Hauxwell has died aged 91. Marvellous woman, the inspiration to many in the farming or small holding world. The oldies amongst us may remember the TV program 'Too Long A Winter' describing her life in the Dales, and of course her books. Not sure if it is on YouTube but worth a search.
“Hannah Hauxwell who led a solitary life in the Dales has died, aged 91.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Antique Medical book from 1802

Back in 1802, what was happening?  Well the Treaty of Amiens was signed between France and England, William Wordsworth, walking with his sister Dorothy, spied a row of golden daffodils and was inspired to write a poem,  and Mme Tussaud's first opened an exhibition of wax figures.

The other interesting thing was that this little book on health was published in Paris.

I just love it!  With medical advice for all manner of illnesses, children's problems, and midwifery. with remedies and little questions and discussions on all things to do with the health of 'the People'.  It even discusses 'Charlatans' which I take to believe is a quack doctor

It's up for sale at £25 to include world-wide economic postage - I reckon a bit of a bargain when the dreaded lurgey strikes:  you'll be able to look up a quick remedy - if you can read in French!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Some recent stock

I have had a little summer holiday from my eBay shop, but have recently added a few items which have been rather difficult to part with.  Most of the items are French, and exactly the sort of thing I love to use at home, or at least covet and store away, getting them out occasionally for a stroke or a hug... light fittings, pin cushions, handbags and embroidered textiles ...ooh, I just love them...

A decadent tole ceiling lamp - perfect for a bedroom or hall - 1970s bling!
now sold

a pair of early 19th century French lead & metal lanterns - winging their way to USA as we speak
now sold

A fabulous pair of wall candle holders - SO French!  In metal and gesso holders, perfect for any frou-frou setting... now sold

A huge Lourdes rosary - with rustic, raw wood and naively carved rose beads and crucifix, dating from the end of 19thc
now sold

Beautiful Pierette pin cushion - I love her wagging finger!  Perfect in every way...
now sold

A striking Art Deco postcard/photo album, in mock shagreen, with metal deco finishes
now sold

A royal blue satin and black velvet cushion cover, with embroidered silk flowers in the centre
now sold

A great 1960s handbag, with nice, crisp closure and pristine interior - i don't think it has ever been used Now Sold

A padded French silk and hand painted hanky or lingerie holder,  with the sweetest Dutch scene
now sold

Well, the link to my eBay page is here - if you would like any more info, just ask!

Have a good week!  

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Barn Burnt Down

We were out walking the dog a couple of evenings ago and saw this, from a distance

so, we walked on to investigate.

We met the ex-secretary of the Maire walking in the opposite direction, very agitated.  She didn't know what was happening either, but to meet her in the woods shows how anxious she was too - we have never seen her walking out on her own before.

It started to get dusky.  Then we saw this

and within 15 minutes turned into this

We walked on but I worked out where the fire was, and I was right.  It was coming from a nearby farm I know well - we used to get free milk from them for our poddy lambs, in exchange for a box of persimmon fruit.

Then of course, the fire engines roared into the night, six in all, with (apparently according to next day's newspaper) thirty fire officers.

Heading back to the village in the dark, without a torch, we then bumped into a friend zooming off in his car to see if he could offer any help, and a neighbour who told us that it was the farmer's youngest son's wedding that afternoon!  Of course!  We had seen the gathering outside the Mairie, all in wedding suits and summer dresses!  What a way to start married life...

It was their huge barn and milking shed that burned down - all 1000m2 of it, with their hay and straw for the winter.  So sad...

The next day, there was a huge procession of tractors and livestock trailers moving the cows: all the other local farmers were helping to move the black and white milking cows to other farms for milking, and the huge Limousin cattle and calves to fields on the other side of the village.  Back and forth they went, all day, in all about 25 trips I calculated.

The farm belongs to a lady farmer who has stated that she has lost the last 25 years of her working life... how awful.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Well hello!  Cannot believe it's been so long since I blogged.  No excuse I'm afraid, just slipped away from me...

Firstly, for the first time in quite a few years, I haven't grown my veggie plot.  I was all set to do so as usual, and in fact, asked for and received a mini greenhouse to grow seedlings.  But, spring was wet, the seeds rotted, the second lot were got at by the slugs, and by the time I caught up, the plot was full of weeds and I just thought '...oh, sod it...'

I did get lots of strawberries - magnificent, huge, tasty strawberries which seemed to go on for ever. Very lucky as the baby plants were a pressie from my neighbour who spends his time gardening rather odd plants - say no more - but I think as a thank you for our lending him a few tools to dig a channel for his loo drain inside his house.  He has been connected with the street drain, but.. that's as far as he has got - and it's been about three years now since he was connected.  My dear OH thinks there might be a connection between the fabulous strawberry plants and his outside loo arrangements, but I'm trying not to think about it...

The raspberries were great too.  Absolutely wonderful - and again, I think down to loo arrangements, but this time, the produce from my daughter's rabbits.  Lots and lots of droppings and straw - perfect!

The second thing that has happened is that we have lost our Felix aka FatBoyFat.  He was a marvellous cat - a prolific mouser, who had his own following of groupies, including Mme Chic, who lives nearby.  She installed a red velvet chaise longue and he had his special place on it in front of the fire, with some Limoges porcelain to eat his Whiskers from.  Her own cat had to take second place.

Felix had a problem with his thyroid and despite six months of medication, it just couldn't be stablilised, and he gradually lost two-thirds of his body weight.  We had to make that last decision, which is always difficult for a loving pet-owner.  It is the price we all pay for loving our animals.

The third major thing is that our kids passed their exams, despite our fears that too much partying and no apparent studying would result in disappointment.  How wrong we were!  Our daughter is now a qualified cabinet-maker, looking for a job.  She is very realistic though as jobs are hard to come by, but is talking about doing a computer course to give her another string to her bow.  Our son passed his year, and moved up to his last which is to concentrate on English/French/English translation.

Here she is, still to finish a chess board, and the start of an Art Deco coiffeuse.

And here is a photo of our son, doing what he does best ie making us all smile, but honestly, trying to get a decent photo of him is impossible.

Well, it's 36 degs c here today, so I'm going to take the two beers out of the freezer before they explode, open one for me, and put the other in the fridge for OH who is currently taking a nap as it is so darned hot!

'Bye for now!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Antique bonnets

I just love antique bonnets, and sell quite a few - after I've kept them and loved them for a while!  Here are a few that I have right now for sale, all French and all in my Etsy shop.

Cosy flannelette and quilted bonnet, with crochet lace round the face, and long cotton ties to make a big bow under the chin

In creamy net, with apricot silk flowers and a frilly flounce on the face, this is such a pretty little bonnet

White net, with hand embroidered motif on the crown, and a beautiful handmade lace flounce on the face - just gorgeous!

This little muslin bonnet has tiny pleats on the crown, finishing with a frothy frill on the face.  I just love it!

sorry, all the bonnets are now sold

You can see all these bonnets, further details, prices etc here:

Have a good Thursday!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

See original image

Wishing all my US blogging friends a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! x


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