Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Antique Medical book from 1802

Back in 1802, what was happening?  Well the Treaty of Amiens was signed between France and England, William Wordsworth, walking with his sister Dorothy, spied a row of golden daffodils and was inspired to write a poem,  and Mme Tussaud's first opened an exhibition of wax figures.

The other interesting thing was that this little book on health was published in Paris.

I just love it!  With medical advice for all manner of illnesses, children's problems, and midwifery. with remedies and little questions and discussions on all things to do with the health of 'the People'.  It even discusses 'Charlatans' which I take to believe is a quack doctor

It's up for sale at £25 to include world-wide economic postage - I reckon a bit of a bargain when the dreaded lurgey strikes:  you'll be able to look up a quick remedy - if you can read in French!


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