Saturday, 6 April 2013

Night attire for sale

I thought I would show a few of my favourite things I have for sale right now - night attire!  I just can't resist them - all French, and very different.

Lovely large red monogram of 'LD', decorated with flowers too
nightshirt now sold

made from heavy linen, long sleeves, dating from around 1880

This man's shirt has a fine cotton collar added - for comfort, as old knobbly linen - chanvre - was very scratchy, and was uncomfortable for the poor, sensitive farmers to wear - they used to get their workmen to wear their shirts in first!
shirt now sold

This shirt has additions and repairs - a little history in a piece of textile...
shirt now sold

Now, quite different, is this satin slip, in salmon, unworn old stock.
slip now sold

A pretty scalloped edge and a little machine embroidery

two little pleats on the skirt, and a scalloped edge again

It comes in the original box and information sheet insert, dating from mid-late 20thc

This is an older slip - in heavy satin, with frothy cream lace added at the front hem
slip now sold.

It has rather pretty lace on the bust, and the slip dates from mid 20thc; this has been worn, but it is in good condition for the age

It came in this pretty box, which is included.

All these items are on auction this week on my Ebay page - here is the link for more information.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Saga of the roadworks

On the left is our barn.  The diggers have removed the road surface and dug down, exposing the little foundations of the barn.  Gulp 

This is the neighbour's wall which has collapsed - the diggers went too far...

This is the front of our barn doors - hope nothing collapses here...

Well, the work outside our house goes on, and on, and on...  The noise starts at 8am stops at 12 for lunch, of course, then starts again at 2pm until around 7pm.  The diggers make our windows 'buzz'.  There is thick white dust which gets into everything, puddles of mud when it rains.

Our neighbour's garden wall collapsed yesterday and there is now a wrangle with the Mayor and the commune about who is going to pay for it to be repaired.  We all think that the company doing the work should be insured and pay for it, as their digger undermined the ground under the wall.  The Mayor refuses and says that our neighbour's have to pay as the wall was not in good condition to start off.


The saga continues... 


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