Saturday, 28 July 2012

Well, what did you think of the opening?

Well, I thought it was was completely whacky, very complex, full of colour and drama, and oh dear, I wish I'd been there...

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Exams results! *$*!£!*!

Scanning the boards for the results...

Checking to see if you've passed...if your friends have passed...

And yay! PASSED!

I am SO thrilled to say both of my kids have passed their exams, and almost as important to them, so have their friends.

Our son has passed his BAC and now enrolled at Uni to take a degree in English, and our daughter her Brevet, and a four year course in ceramics in Limoges, which for me is rather nice as I have dealt in Limoges porcelain for years, never once thinking one of us would end up studying it!

It has been a rather fraught time - I am so very proud of my kids as everything they have done has been in French of course, and although we have been out here for 10 years now, I still wonder how they can tell jokes, follow a rap song, learn philosophy and do algebra - all in the foreign language that we forced them to learn by moving to France in the first place.

September is going to be rather quiet for us as our daughter moves out into boarding accomodation at her Lycée, and our son who is three years ahead of her, has found a flat in Limoges. Of course, his criteria for finding the perfect flat is that it's only 5 minutes walk from his favourite bar, and 7 minutes from his mate's flat. We will see on Friday when we are taken to inspect it - and pay the rent deposit!


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