Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day, antique French linen, & monograms

A very pretty nightdress, with palest, palest blue handmade lace trim and monogram -  I bet it sent the pulses racing all those years ago...
nightdress now sold

 and here is the twin - there are two of them, very similar but with just a subtle difference in the lace trim
nightdress now sold

Made from metis - linen/cotton union - warm in winter, cool in summer

And for him - a pure linen shirt, with a tie neckline and a red cross-stitch monogram, all handstitched of course.  Can almost imagine Mr Darcy wearing something like it
shirt now sold.

The fabric has softened now and the red cross-stitching on the monogram is now a little faded by sunshine (remember that?) and laundering - these linen shirts must have taken hours to press.  I can only guess that they were pressed as to wear them without, it must have been like wearing corrugated cardboard!

And a most beautifully embroidered sheet - with a heart, flowers, ribbon and a pair of love-birds...
sheet now sold

and the bride's monogram, lovingly embroidered in pink

and the groom's too...

Have a great week, and a lovely Valentine's Day!


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