Saturday, 30 July 2011

Montmorillon - Cité de l'Écrit

Nice way to get around the town - horse and cart!

Does this look a bit tilted to you? Think OH wasn't holding the phone/camera properly

Bridge over the river Gartempe - with printing press

One of many art workshops

The river again - quite low down due to the lack of rain recently

And another

Yes, I know I've already got 5000 books, but a girl can never have too many...

We took a day off recently and found ourselves in Montmorillon in the Vienne. It is a book-ish town - many bookshops, printing workshops, art galleries and very pretty too. If you get the chance, pay it a visit.

Monday, 25 July 2011

'Song to the Siren' - just takes my breath away...

I have just watched 'The Lovely Bones' for the first time on TV. For me, it was just scary enough to make me jump, emotional enough without falling into sentimental slush (despite what the critics say) and the violent murder was not portrayed on screen but left to my imagination.

What made it special for me was the music - unexpectedly slipping into 'Song to the Siren'. This piece of music was written originally by Tim Buckley - and I am a fan of his and his son Jeff, but back in the 1980s, a version by This Mortal Coil was released which is very different but so magical it takes my breath away when I think of it. I have never heard it on TV nor the radio since it was released - of course I have ripped it off the internet, in all its various versions - but hearing it tonight was SO unexpected, if I had known, I would have rushed out and bought the DVD of the film just to listen to it.

You can hear it on this link here (blogger finally working OK)


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