Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Let there be light...

Sorry but this light is sold
A nice hall or porch light - blue and pink stained glass, very heavy and solid - see more info here.

Sorry but this item is sold
A lovely pair of Empire bronze candleabra - perfect for the dining table - very classical design, very French...read more here.

Sorry, the gold lampshade is sold
Nice vintage shade in gold and with pink and burgundy flowers - perfect for a standard lamp or large table lamp in sitting room or bedroom - you can buy it here but be quick, I've already got a bid!

Sorry, the pink lampshade is sold
For the boudoir - a really pretty hand made shade, so vintage, so feminine...and for sale on my Ebay shop here.

I just love mood lighting - pretty shades for a romantic look to a bedroom, antique candlesticks for that special dinner party...here are just a few of the various lighting items I have for sale right now. I have got lots more, but it's just a question of parting with them and getting them listed!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Some new stock - all metal or wood!

Beautiful set of 10 tole French curtain rings, with a strong hinge and pretty mount.

In excellent condition, these vintage rings are so easy to use

Sorry, but the curtain rings are sold

You just open the clip so the tiny teeth grip the curtain, and then merely thread the ring over the curtain pole et voila! An easy - and gorgeous way - to dress a window. Perfect for holding a monogrammed sheet at a window, or fine muslin...You can read more here.

sorry - the brioche tin is sold
Let them eat brioche...this is a rare vintage French brioche - cake - tin, with the sweetest shell shaped handles, making it easier to turn out the baked brioche.

Just perfect to add to a tin or kitchenalia collection...You can buy it here.

This wonderful 19thc flour sieve would look the part in a rustic, country kitchen. Practical too!

sorry - the sieve is sold
In excellent condition, you can read about it here.

This old vintage handle was once in use in a Surrey cinema long since demolished. Beautifully made, solid as a rock, this would look great greeting customers in a vintage or antique shop, or you could even use it as a towel rail in a retro bathroom...

Sorry but this handle is sold
You can read more about the handle by clicking here.

Another vintage item that would look superb in an antique or vintage shop is this French shop bell. We have one at our side door - we have added a little chain, and our visitors just tug at the chain and we can here it through the house and garden. So practical...

So sorry - the shop bell is sold
In wonderful vintage conditon, with just a little rust and LOTS of verdigris, you can buy it from my Ebay shop here.

Sorry - the shoe lasts are sold
This pair of vintage shoe trees - or cobblers' lasts - are interesting - they fold at the hinges, and can be hung up when stored away. Making slippers was a local small industry here in Limousin - it was something the farmers and their wives could do when the weather was too bad to farm - I think these may have been used for just that purpose, but ideal for keeping vintage shoes in shape...you can see more here.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

More Vintage Stock

Sorry, but this collection of cards is sold
This is a small collection of 6 cards - all from 1920s and 30s. Wonderful colours, fine sentiments, all with messages and a few stamps - perfect for a collection, framing or re-use for your art...

I just love roses - and cottages - and deer...

All 6 cards are written in ink, with wonderfully sentimental messages

This is the whole set of 6 - good value at around £13 - you can read more and buy the collection here from my Etsy shop.

Love the night time view of the moon, reflecting on the water - and the windmill

Just perfect for a cat lover...do you think he might have pulled the flower out of the vase?

Roses again, and a couple of good stamps

A beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a nice stamp. Read more and you can buy the set here.

Looking for a new home...someone to love...a little chubby-cheeked lad...

I love his little fat cheeks...and curly hair

sorry - this item is sold
Isn't he such a cutie? Made from plaster, finished in old gold paint - now faded to a delicious shade of verdigris - a tiny bit chipped and just a little shabby - and looking for a new home...He would love some space on a bedside cabinet or dresser...and for around £18 you can get him here.

Friday, 18 June 2010


Sorry, but this violet cup is sold.

Well, ok, this isn't really a jug - it's a tiny French coffee cup, hexagonal in shape - how sweet it would look filled with a posy of violets...

Sorry but Wedgwood is sold
This is a lovely Wedgwood jug - for cream with summer strawberries - or again, a posy of flowers.

Now this jug isn't dainty at all, but filled with vin rouge at your next barbecue - what could be better?

You can read more about these in my Etsy shop here. See you there!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A few fabrics I have for sale right now...

Sorry - this floral fabric is sold
I adore this little piece of vintage fabric - it's English, and is a riot of tulips, anenomes, daffodils and I just love the colours - you can read about it here.

A lovely classical heavy cotton from Paris designer Olivier Thevenon - very French! Read more about it here. I think this would be perfect at the window, with perhaps a monogrammed linen sheet underneath...it's new and in perfect condition.

This is the grey and white version of one of my best sellers - it looks absolutely fabulous made up into lavender hearts and bags...you can buy it here - I've only got a metre left!

I only have about 3 metres left, out of over 20 metres!
This is a gorgeous, smart mattress ticking - navy always looks good. More details here in my Ebay shop - a friend made up some covers for her boys' bunk beds and very smart they look too!

sorry, this fabric is sold
This is a vintage cotton print - glorious roses on a red background - fabulous made up into cushions or to line a basket. You can get more info here.

Sorry - this fabric is sold (except for a little remnant :) - it's going to South Africa! Couldn't be a footballer's wife could it?

Lime green and purple stripes - not for the faint-hearted! This has a gorgeous chintz sheen to it, and it feels oh so silky...but looks fabulous and perfect where roses wouldn't suit eg an office or study or maybe blinds...you can the listing here. This fabric is double the width too - very good value for money, metre for metre.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Serving French Food - must have the right dish!

Sorry, the set of 12 is sold

I have 12 of these oyster plates - see the shape in the middle for the lemon? They are made by the Longchamp factory and date from 1950.

Sorry, the central platter is sold

And here is the large central platter to match - very impressive when you've guests for dinner or a summer lunch...not yet listed but do contact me for more information.

Sorry, but these two last plates are sold
This oyster plate is also by Longchamp round 1950 - the design is 'Chantilly' and I have only 2 plates left...You can read more here.

Sorry but all three Madeleine tins are sold - more to follow!

I adore these Madeleine tins - I have sold SO many of these over the years and just can't find enough for my customers...great for decorating a vintage kitchen, great for baking. I have several for sale at the moment: largest one here.

Sorry, but both dishes are sold
I have a great pair of Escargot dishes - just perfect for baking snails in garlic butter - you can see my Ebay listing here. They were manufacturered by Emile Henry and are in excellent conditon.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Bath-time finds...

Sorry, but the bath rack is sold

Sorry but Thea Nigra is sold

Sorry, Cinnamonum is sold

Sorry - both pairs now sold

Just a few bath-time finds I have for sale - the vintage bath rack is just great for soap, sponge and propping up the latest novel - do you read in the bath? You can buy it here and save yourself from getting your book wet!

The antique glass Pharmacy jars came from an old shop in Rochechouart, a small nearby town where millions of years ago, a huge meteorite crashed to earth - now, many of the houses are built from the resulting vulcanised pumice stone. You can read more about the jars here and here. These vintage jars are SO handy for storing cotton wool balls, bath salts, soaps - and they look good too.

Working on the fact that you can't have enough guest or hand towels, these vintage snowy-white finds are soft towelling and monogrammed in red cross-stitch - just in case a guest absent-mindedly packed one away in her bag! I've got 2 pairs and you can see the Ebay listing here. Sorry - the sweet little towel rack isn't for sale - yet...


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