Saturday, 21 January 2012

A little lake - or etang - near the village

We don't walk to the this lake often - just 15 minutes away - as it's tarmac road all the way, but just fancied a stroll in that direction. It was blummin' cold and misty. Just the beginnings of the lake water freezing over - in the far corner you can see it on the surface.

We walked on by but on return, the mist cleared and the sky became..., really blue...and a perfect reflection in the water of the sky and the trees.

On the left you can just see the concrete gate to the sluice, which goes under the green bank, under the little lane, and comes out into a little stream which meanders through the fields.

Here is the stream on the left, but on the right, you can just see an untidy ancient granite stone path. Sadly, you can't go much further as the farmer has an electric fence as there are Limousin cattle up in the field beyond.

It was getting very nippy as the sun started to sink, so we went home to a cuppa and a roaring fire, and to dry off Charlie the Poodle as he will insist on having a paddle...


  1. My dog, Archie, loves paddling too. He always finds a puddle even on the driest days. It's amazing how the sky cleared and turned such a perfect blue.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful walk!

    Sft x

  3. When we lived in a flat in the town, we walked our little whippety-dog, Pippa, every day, twice a day. Now, even with all these beautiful walks around us, it really takes some effort to get out into the bracing cold - thank goodness for Charlie or we'd never get out!



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