Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Where is our lunch?'

'Where is our lunch?' Bleat and Ewe2 worriedly look on, waiting for some feed. They have two homes to choose from: one is a nice little 3 sided tin-roofed house, facing the sun which warms the roof, and the other is more snug - with a double glazed window! Spoilt? Never! They are both in-lamb so need a few little home comforts...

Poor birds - the seed in this birdfeeder was frozen solid - it was minus 12c last night...we dismantled it and re-filled with fresh seed and left some fatty-spread bread out too.

Cat footprints - fortunately in the front garden, but our two cats are too lazy to catch birds at the moment - it takes all their effort to go out when nature calls...

For anyone watching TV or listening to the radio over the last 5 or 6 days, I know I am stating the obvious, but like everyone else, we are snowed in... We're STILL waiting for the snowplough to clear the road between our village and the local town. Of course, the snow fell at the weekend, and as the weekend is sacrosanct in France, we knew that nothing would start to be cleared until Monday morning.

Our son is stuck in Limoges, but staying with various friends around the town and enjoying time off from lycée although exams are soon looming, and our daughter is at home, helping feed the sheep and also with her mock exams already postponed twice.

Our village postoffice is closed due to Madame not being able to get in (although the Maire's secretary can take over ) but the postman hasn't been seen since last Friday...so my Ebay and Etsy parcels will be delayed.

Heigh-ho, we've got lots of supplies in so we will just sit it out and wait for the thaw.

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of the white stuff.

Keep warm!


  1. I don't like to be snowed in for days but am a little bit jealous. We had a few flakes this year but it melted when it hit the ground. My little boys want a snow day to stay home from school and play with Mom.

  2. Hope you are keeping warm and supplies are not running too low. I'm afraid I'm still envious, all the Englsih snow has missed Salisbury- my son was furious!I love extreme weather, even when it's a trouble to us!Jane x

  3. Deana & Jane - well, I like a bit of snow but this is now getting a bit tedious as we had more snow on Wednesday!

  4. Hello

    I've just found your lovely blog and become your newest follower!
    I love reading blogs about France as that is where my daughter lives.
    Your sheep look so sweet poking their noses over the fence, hoping for food!

    I was so glad to see your little bird feeder too - they must rely on you for their daily food supply during these cold months!

    Do come and see me and I'll get out my prettiest tea cups out and make you very welcome!

    Shane in New Zealand

  5. Shane - Bienvenue! I loved the roses posting in your blog - it's reminded me of summer, and frankly, we could do with a little of that in Europe right now!

  6. Hi Carol
    Thank you I thought it would be nice for my Northern Hemisphere friends to see a touch of what Summer has in store for you!!

    I'm sorry, I had pressed your 'follow blog' button but I saw today I wasn't there - blogger was playing up at the time.....

    All done now and I'll look forward to catching up with you again soon!!
    I spoke to my daughter in France last night and she said it's freezing....

  7. Hi Shane

    Yes, everything has clicked into place - you are logged in! Your daughter was right - it has been freezing for a week or so: we are all getting a bit fed up with it now the novelty has worn off!



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