Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A few little items for sale this week

Blue and silver bedspread, fringed, ready to go

SoldA piece of raspberry red and sand mattress ticking - a rare colourway

A floral piece of French linen fabric

Sweet little pom-pom passementerie, in yellow

and in blue and pink...

Pink satin (almost) on one side, flannelette on the other - perfect for a little bed-jacket

And finally, a cute French oil painting dating probably from the 1950s, maybe slightly later - love her Parisien pouty lips!

I thought I might add a bit of colour to my blog as it has been a little black and white recently - not that I mind selling white linen and black chiffon hats - but I am trying to get the sun to shine!

Lots of details on my Ebay shop here or contact me direct.

In the meantime - the sun has just peeped out, so maybe it's working...

1 comment:

  1. Thats a lovely selection of fabrics. I must admit I do love ticking fabric the best
    Hope you are enjoying the sun. I have had to come in its to hot for me x x



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