Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This is now a child-free zone...

Well, for the first time in 30 years, this house is now a child-free zone...thanks to the education system.

The eldest lives in England and has for the last two years, the middle lad has just started Uni and moved into his own flat, and the baby, our gorgeous girl, has today started boarding at college to learn about ceramics. Our son has boarded for the last four years, so we have got used to him being away, but for our daughter to now be leaving home, I am amazed where the years have gone - it is a cliché I know, but it's true.

It does seem early to leave at sixteen years old, but it really is too far to travel each day ie up at 5am, out at 6am and not back until 7.45pm. It's too long a day.

We took her this morning, settled her into her dorm, made her bed (what on earth for - she's quite capable, but it's the least I can do) filled in yet more forms, tucked Bugs Bunny under her pillow - just in case. She has a few friends there already, and made a few new ones on her visit day, so she'll be fine.

So, it's a bit quiet this afternoon - no music blasting out, no lights blazing away, no crashing up the stairs, no teasing the dog until he barks his head off...

Still, we've got liver for supper (a no-no when the kids are here) and meeting some friends tomorrow for lunch. I can work on my computer when I choose, instead of listening to whingeing about 'I just wanna check my Facebook...' and we can lie in in the morning instead of up at 6.30am.

It only lasts until the weekend though - they are back on Friday night!


  1. Hi how lovely that they all have direction. That is lovely that your daughter is going to do ceramics If its one thing I would want for my own daughter it would be to have some direction she is 15 & I just do not know what direction her life is going. Its not through want of trying to guide her. She does not listen
    Enjoy some peace x

  2. Hi Mrs NS - I think it is that in France, the kids are pushed into doing something after school - there is such little work. They grow up knowing that they will have to do something, and if they don't know, they virtually get it chosen for them! I don't know how she will fair - she doesn't take to instruction lightly - she is a bit bolshie and very independant. Kids never listen and if I ever again hear the expression 'yeah, whatever' I think I'll rip out all my hair...Good luck with your daughter, I hope it will all come together very soon.

  3. Oh dear Carol
    That silence can be deafening - I well remember.
    Be assured it will become the norm very quickly!
    They sound like very good kids, so congrats to you both on a job well done.

    Thanks for your visit - can you confirm what that fabric is Carol???



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