Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Remember this?

Remember the wedding dress and accessories I mentioned a week or two ago? Well, it sold for a measley £550. I feel almost ashamed that I didn't leave a huge bid on it but I expect I'm like a lot of people right now - generous gestures are a thing of my past.

Hope it went to a good home...


  1. Such a shame that it didn't go for more,it truly is a work of art. Glad the tooth is sorted, I'm having a crown fitted on Monday.

  2. I feel quite sad too Carol.
    Actually it played on my mind after see it on your post.
    I emailed a friend who collects vintage clothes - I know she loved it too.
    However times are a little tough for everyone at the mo - I'm sure whoever got it will treasure it as it deserves.

    The fact that not one of the museums saw fit to accept it horrified me - sadly it's "c'est la vie" I guess.

    You did your best Carol by posting about it.

    a sad hug



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