Friday, 13 June 2014

lace and broderie anglaise

I never know for certain if broderie anglais/e should have that final 'e' at the end - if you look at dictionaries/Google etc, it varies depending on which site you look at.  The French always add the 'e' and I guess it is because 'broderie' is a feminine noun.  I prefer it with an 'e' as it sounds rather nice, although sometimes I do forget to use it!

Anyway, pedantics aside, I thought I would show you a few bits of lace and broderie anglaise that I recently  listed - some sold, some not.

A pretty little girl's dress - simple but with a border of lace at the hem.  It has a 1920s feel about it, with drop waistline.

simple, but quite sweet. dress now sold

A beautiful collar for a dress or blouse

there are little buttonholes to be attached to another garment - easier to wash just the collar when dresses were so bulky and hard work to launder

My favourite item for ages - a stunning pair of bloomers - with an elastic waist for easy wear!  Stunning isn't a word I use often, but these are really quite lovely.  I have replaced the elastic as it had withered away, but otherwise, the quality and condition are both excellent.
bloomers now sold 

The lace border is quite generous: over 5 1/2 inches deep

and to finish, a tiny monogram 'MM' stitched on the leg

This girl's petticoat is gathered at the waist, and the lace would allow ribbon to be threaded through

the ribbon is long gone, but the item is in very good condition .  Nowadays, a little girl could wear this as a dress, not under a dress - they must have been very hot in summer with so many layers albeit white cotton! Petticoat now sold

Slip now sold
Another very popular item - a lady's slip, or summer nightdress.  Perfect for the heat of the summer

and again, simple, but decorated with hand embroidery and a touch of lace on the top edge.

A piece of more modern palest salmon pink lace, machine made, but perfect to decorate a 1950s or 60s petticoat or nightdress.
salmon lace now sold

I really like the very pale salmon pink colour - very subtle

and quite sheer, with a nice floral design.  Even in modern times using modern manufacturing methods, lace is still so popular.

If you would like more information, just clic on my shops above or send a message.

Have a good weekend!

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