Friday, 6 June 2014

Little bit of recent vintage French stock

I thought I'd pop on some pieces of stock I've recently had - just to show that I have been busy and not spending too much time in the garden, now that the sun has finally appeared.

All the pieces here are vintage French - not modern copies.   I have laundered each garment - and starched where necessary:  I love pressing the linen - especially the tiny baby clothes!


Another one of my dramatic black hats, complete with veil.  Worn in mourning, and I suppose eventually worn all the time, this has a little ribbon ruffle for decoration.
hat now sold

Baby gowns all now sold
a little baby gown - just love the sleeves - handmade, warm and cosy without being too hot as it is made from cotton ribbing.

Here is a vintage version of the babygro - or growbag, as my brother used to call them.  It has little glass buttons 

and here is another, slightly different.  I sell lots of these to doll collectors, who prefer to have the real vintage item instead of a modern copy.

a French sewing basket - there are compartments inside, just waiting to be filled with reels of cotton, embroidery silks and buttons...

and another, in blue, with a handle (which pops out for ease of shipping!)


This trim makes a gorgeous shelf edging - or to use on a blind or curtain
trim now sold

or perhaps to trim a cushion?

A really beautiful baby's bib.  This is for a new-born - so much work, just for a little bib!
bib now sold

I've always found these sweet bibs popular both as gifts for new Mums, and doll owners - this is so gorgeous, I feel like framing it! bib now sold

This is a rare item - an AMICE - a cloth which a priest would wear around the neck and shoulders, with the little red cross at the back, and then tied across the chest: worn under the outer robes.
amice now sold

and, oh dear, I don't know if I should have followed up with a pink corset, but there you are - a little bit of ooh la la!

complete with original maker's name label!
corset now sold

As usual, if you would like any further information, please do clic on my page here, or contact me by leaving a message. 


  1. Lovely, lovely things, especially the hat and the corset! Jane xx

  2. thanks Jane. Hope you enjoyed Paris!



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