Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Motoring fun and games - vintage car show in Saint Mathieu

There were American cars

Lots of French ones of course

And some very elegant vintage cars

One proud owner

Reminds me of the cars in 'Day Of The Jackal'

The local church - the clock always seems to be 5 minutes slow...

You could look under the bonnet if you wanted, although why is another matter...

Nice hat

These weren't police although they had sirens and a few lights that looked like it - I noticed the real gendarmes giving them an odd look

Very noisy and smelly but quite impressive close up

You see the straw bales? They were all the protection from


And this

And this...

I have never seen the underside of a car in this way

And here are the stunt drivers showing off in tandem

And here, the red car swept the wooden stands away and the guys jumped down safely, much to the relief of the crowd!

Saint Mathieu is our next village and this was the 4th vintage car rally, and it was really quite exciting! We were fortunate enough to have ring-side seats as we have Dutch friends who live on the road where all the real action took place.

The stunt drivers were great, quite accomplished, but honestly - have they never heard of Health & Safety? All that was sheltering the crowds were a few straw bales, but I suppose that's part of the thrill...


  1. I love the picture of the man in the red shirt up in the air! It does sound a little more lively than an English vintage car show... Jane x

  2. I love beautiful, classic cars!

    Our neighbours have an Austin 7!

    Sft x

  3. Jane - yes, it was very exciting but we (the non-French) were a little worried at the total lack of concern about safety! Incidentally, for the princely sum of €5, you could get a ride in the stunt car too - no safety belt, kids included...

    SFT - I love them too, and I like the dressing-up in period dress to match, plus all the accessories - I would love to go to the vintage Goodwood meeting.



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