Thursday, 20 October 2011

1950s Christmas Chocolate Boxes

I love this old 1950s chocolate or biscuit box. Made from card, it still has the paper lining - I've got 2 boxes, both the same design.

This design of a decorated Christmas tree, complete with sprigs of holly, is so typical of 1950s, and so traditional - love the glow of the candles....

Christmas tree boxes now sold
You can see the inner paper liners here.

Santa in his sleigh now sold
This is another typical 1950s design - Santa in his sleigh full of presents for good boys and girls...see the cute squirrel and rabbits - such fun!

And again, I have two boxes - they even have the grease paper cases for each choccy! SO sweet! I can't believe the trouble taken for just six chocolates, but they meant something special to someone to have kept them all this time.

This set of three boxes have similar designs of snowy villages, churches, cottages etc - very traditional and quite charming - and you can still send Christmas cards with similar designs today!

Again, still with their paper inserts

sorry, but all the boxes are now sold
This box is fun - the village station in the snow - is the man saying hello or goodbye?

I love these boxes - they are quite small and I think reflect the little austerity that rural France felt during the fifties - you could give or receive chocolates, but only a few at a time! Quality rather than quantity I guess...

Perfect for a collection of packaging or boxes, they could be used to packing a Christmas gift, or for maybe home-made chocolates or petit-fours for re-sale or gifts.

Incidentally, you can still smell the gorgeous chocolatey scent in each box...yummy...!

If you want to know more or buy a box - see my Ebay page for boxes here!


  1. They are just so Christmassy, It's started me feeling quite festive already! Jane x

  2. hi there- just came over to say many thanks for following my blog...and I just LOVE these choco boxes!

  3. Jane, and Ted and Bunny - thanks! They are fun boxes aren't they?



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