Friday, 1 June 2012

Antique French baby bonnets

Isn't this a gorgeous, frothy baby bonnet?

It has apricot coloured silk, pleated round the face, overlaid with lace and trimmed with silk ribbon flowers

It is handmade, around 1920 but maybe earlier
This little bonnet is made from net, with satin trim and a silk lining for comfort

Again, handmade, around 1910 I should think.

The ribbons are a little worn, but silk is so fragile and often shatters in creases

This is a 1950s bonnet - still a little special but obviously plainer

And, no ribbons to tie it on with - a safety feature perhaps?

I just love baby bonnets - can't resist them when I see them for sale in antique markets. I remember the first lot I found at an auction. There was this old cardboard box under a table, with a yucky nylon net curtain tucked into the top. I pulled it out, and underneath were layers of broderie anglais, lace, muslin - a goldmine of Victorian petticoats and baby dresses. I bought the box for £7 and filled my little antiques unit in Marlborough. Of course, all the items simply flew out and I was sold out within the week.

Ah! Those were the days...

If you would like to see more photos, clic here for my Ebay shop.

Have a great weekend, especially to everyone in UK - wish I could be there for the Jubilee...sigh...


  1. These sweet bonnets are gorgeous! I have my father's christening dress from 1913... it has very beautiful hand work.

  2. Pat - how lovely - next year, it will be 100 years old!

  3. Hi there,

    Beautiful bonnets! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love comments.

    Until next time! Tammy



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