Monday, 6 August 2012

A few lacy finds

Gorgeous pair of mourning gloves, French, around 1900 - La Belle Epoque.

and here is the wrist - very pretty

Another pair, this time the pattern is slightly 'stripey'
and the wrist decoration is just lovely - a little lacy show button. I would say they are size 6 to 6.5, but I can just slip them on and I take a 7 - I suppose the stretchy lace gives a little.

Both pairs of gloves were made from quality materials, which is why they have lasted so well over the years although one does have an old repair which suggests they were worn on more than one occasion. The gloves came from the same source, tucked away with some black silk crepe scarves which I will show another time.

Perfectly lovely lace handkerchief, as fine and as delicate as you would wish
all hankies now sold

with detail of the hand-worked lace - little flowers and tendrils.

Another quite similar - I have three altogether, and all unused - you can still see the faint pencil marks where the lace-maker drew out the design

and this has butterflies on each corner, worked into the fabric of the hanky, and embellished with stitches.

and finally, the third, worked with a very pretty shaped edge, and sweet little flowers embroidered into the middle border.

I reckon hours and hours of work to make each hanky. Absolutely perfect for a wedding - add a little blue ribbon bow, lend it to the bride and it uses up three out of the four requirements for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Box of lace - sold
But, this was my favourite find - a collection of little lace samples.

Each sample has a price label, in old francs

and each lace has versions in wider widths, or shades of cream or salmon pink....just gorgeous! These came from an old French lady who was a seamstress, specialising in lingerie. These were her samples - the customer could pick the desired trim and check the price immediately. I would have loved to see some of her finished work...

Have a good week - and I hope that the weather is everything you wish for, wherever you are!


  1. Hi Carol,
    You've managed to find some more lovely stuff as usual. The gloves are lovely and so are the hankies. Hope all is well with you

  2. Hi Kim - thank you for your kind comment! Hope you are well and enjoying (?!) the summer - isn't the weather completely daft this year?



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