Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chicken soup

I have been suffering from the after-effects of antibiotics for a dental problem.  Shall we just say that I don't need any fibre in my diet?

Leaving the pharmacy with a carrier-bag of pills and potions (SO French!) I thought instead of yet another paracetemol for my dehydration headache, I would try some chicken soup.  Now I am not Jewish, but worked with someone who is and swore by his mother's receipe for chicken soup and its curative effects for not only emotional problems, but also headache/tummy ailments.

Well, not only was it delicious, but wow!  I  really do feel better - headache gone and stomach settled.  Of course, I am eating pro-biotic yohurt like it was going out of fashion, but I will definitely make the soup - more like a broth - again.

In the meantime, I guess I had also better start the course of official treatments, but incidentally, one of the pills is, yes you've guessed it, yet another antibiotic to kill the bad bacteria, which are now running rampant because of the antibiotic which killed off the good bacteria.  And one of the contra-indications is the possibility of diarrhea...so here we go again....


  1. Get ye to a pharmacy and get some acidophillus capsules! They are the good bacteria you need to recolonize your gut. The amount that is found in yoghurt is too small to help you quickly.

    Found this out years ago when I had pneumonia and the recovering from the antibiotics was harder than the pneumonia.

  2. Thanks for that - I've got to endure a tooth removal next week, and again, anti-biotics. So, I'm off to the pharmacy to get some capsules!



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