Friday, 5 April 2013

Saga of the roadworks

On the left is our barn.  The diggers have removed the road surface and dug down, exposing the little foundations of the barn.  Gulp 

This is the neighbour's wall which has collapsed - the diggers went too far...

This is the front of our barn doors - hope nothing collapses here...

Well, the work outside our house goes on, and on, and on...  The noise starts at 8am stops at 12 for lunch, of course, then starts again at 2pm until around 7pm.  The diggers make our windows 'buzz'.  There is thick white dust which gets into everything, puddles of mud when it rains.

Our neighbour's garden wall collapsed yesterday and there is now a wrangle with the Mayor and the commune about who is going to pay for it to be repaired.  We all think that the company doing the work should be insured and pay for it, as their digger undermined the ground under the wall.  The Mayor refuses and says that our neighbour's have to pay as the wall was not in good condition to start off.


The saga continues... 


  1. Gosh, how scary! I do hope your barn remains upstanding and the noise and the dust soon come to an end! Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane - nice to hear from you again! Yes, we live in interesting times as they say. My OH met the Mayor yesterday and the conversation went along the lines of 'you toucha my barn, I toucha your pocket...'

  2. Hello Carol! I'm living the other side of France to you, but it's nice to discover your blog and read about what you're up to. You're like my (blogging)friend Floss ( who finds lovely things at vide greniers. I only ever find other people's rather grotty tat! It must be something to do with the west side of France!
    Still, I love our life here, so I mustn't complain! I shall bookmark you and return to read how your roadworks are getting on!

    1. Hi there! I've had a peek at your bog too - lovely grub by the way. Well, my blog has lost out a little to the roadworks, but I mustn't get stuck on that subject or we'll be here all day! The vide grenier season is just starting up here so hopefully I'll have lots of little goodies to post about, and we have earmarked a little brocante for tomorrow - up at 6am!



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