Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer 2013

 Started off with new kitten - she's just been neutered, hence this charming neck acessory

 And here she is taking liberties on the kitchen table - she is Minnie

 It's been all about our daughter really - she has given up her course in ceramics and is now considering gardening for a living.  This is early on in the spring - tidying up for a bonfire

 Here she is with her very first crop - fine bunch of radishes - and a huge grin!

 We turned our blackcurrants into creme cassis ie blackcurrant liqueur, for Christmas

 Here she is with her lovely fella, making a cake for OH's birthday

 No guessing how old he is!
And here is the barbecue with our special friends

 Here is Bleat, my oldest sheep.  Not a lot of grass left for her and her family - it has only rained twice since the end of June

 A town nearby - in full carnival plumage

 Fabulous moth - never seen one like this before

 The chateau at Rochechouart - the site of one of the largest and most ancient meteor sites

 A little etang - or lake near us, a peaceful place to walk the dog

 And finally, just to show that the other two moggies have accepted Minnie quite well - at least sharing food.


  1. Such a lovely newsy post. Welcome to Minnie, glad she's fitted in to the family well. Always a relief when the other animals accept a new one in to the fold. Shame about the neck wear though, I remember Archie sulking when he had to wear his. Ahhh, radishes, the perfect first crop. Good look to your daughter. A career in gardening sounds idyllic. I hope Bleat has managed to find some grass since that photo was taken. We're getting more rain here now so everywhere is greener than it was a month or so ago.

  2. Hi Jo! Ooh, send us some rain!



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