Monday, 9 September 2013

Toys from mid 20thc

 I have been having a rummage through the loft, and came across a box of old toys most of which were in OH's family.  I showed them to my kids, who are not really interested in keeping them - yawn - and OH doesn't want them so I've put them up for sale.

A great money box - put the coin in the slot at the back, and he sticks out his tongue!
Money box now sold

He is called 'Happy' as his title says, but my daughter thinks he should be called 'Spooky'

And here is another version, with a blue and red colourway.
money box now sold

 She's right though - what is it about clowns that is ever-so-slightly creepy?

A great friction sports car, made in Germany.  Very smart - wish I had the grown up version!

A fox in hunting pink!  A great joke - I wonder what he is hunting?
foxey now sold

This was actually my brother's, and if I remember rightly, he was always known as 'Basil Brush' even though he doesn't have the laughing mouth and huge white teeth.  He is from the late '60s and I do think he was an early Basil.

This golly was loved, dearly, and hugged so much.  Not very PC I know, but do kids care - they just love their toys.
golly now sold

Can't see it from the photo, but he is wearing spats on his feet.

Three little 1950s plastic egg cups - making breakfast a fun time.
egg cups now sold

A pink Scottie...

A green Scottie...

And a pink rabbit!

This is a lovely little toy washing mangle - just perfect for a dolly

Another savings tin - this one is King George V1 and the Queen Mum (gawd bless 'er)

And this one is from their daughter's reign, obviously our current Queen Elizabeth

This plastic penguin has an Australian registration mark - does he actually come from down under?  OH says he doesn't have any Australian connections
penguin now sold

Wind him up and he still waggles his bottom - we always wondered if he was supposed to swim, but he is too old now to put him in the bath.

Remember these?  A gyroscope - I think everyone had one of these - they made a great stocking filler

And finally, a little sewing machine, made in Britain.  How many girls learn to sew these days?  Sewing was an essential lesson taught at school when I was a girl.  Still can't sew a button on straight...

All these items are for sale, some are already listed (see right hand side bar for my shops above) but if any difficulties, or you would like any info, just comment or send me an email.

Have a great week!

As at 24.6.14, if it isn't marked as sold, it is still available:  I haven't listed them anywhere - a fit of nostalgia stopped me putting them on Ebay!  If you would like any details, just message/email me. 


  1. What an interesting collection- I love the miniature mangle! Jane xx

  2. Jane, my favourite is the mangle too - it really is quite dinky!



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