Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cat's cradle

You know the saying 'a cat's cradle'?  Well, I'd never seen a real one until this morning.

And the culprit?  Little Minnie.


  1. She looks wild or high on catnip! She did have a good time though! bless her!

  2. She is a bit wild actually, only coming in the evenings where she sleeps on OH's chest until we go to bed. During the day, she barely recognises us. Good mouser though!

  3. That really made me smile, she looks such a little mad thing and so beautiful, with the proper Mouser's M. Jane xx

  4. I swear that George, one of our cats, can smell wool that I haven't locked away! Once I awoke to find a ball of wool unravelled over the four storeys of our house - up and down the stairs, around table legs, the lot! And, of course, another great game for George when I tried rolling it back into a ball!!

  5. A favourite game is playing with cuffs when the kids have slung a jumer over the back of a chair - great fun, but not when I have to get the darning needle out!



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