Monday, 22 March 2010

Blessed are the cheesemakers.....

sorry but these pots are both sold - but I always have some in stock as I collect them!
These pots are whey drainers and you can use them to make cheese - or, more likely if you're like me, I use mine to hold garlic. The holes allow the air to circulate, and the garlic stays fresh...

If you do want to make cheese, it's easy peasy - you just put the rennet treated milk into the pot, put onto a plate or draining board and the liquid whey drips out leaving the cheese solids behind.

This sweet pot on the left has 3 little legs to help drainage but could also be used in a vintage kitchen for decor or by the sink to hold washed spoons etc - great for draining you see!

At the top, the paler pot is much bigger - it's a whopper actually - and the French being great collectors of vintage farming and country items would highly prize it - larger pots are becoming so rare to find nowadays.

You can find more details on both of these pots on my Etsy shop here - just clic on 'Kitchenalia' - both pots would make fabulous gifts for self-sufficiency friends, or just look great in a vintage kitchen...

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