Saturday, 20 March 2010

Eggs, eggs, eggs - where's my basket?

sorry but this is sold
If I stand in my garden, I can hear the happy sound of my French neighbours ploughing up their vegetable plots - or potagers - trying to catch up on lost time - it has been a very long winter, quite the worst in the 8 years we have lived here.

And, as a bonus, my chickens have just started laying eggs again! You just can't have enough eggs, and you can't have enough baskets to put them in, and I just adore the metal baskets you get in France for collecting eggs, salad, tomatoes etc.

This lovely basket unusually has a yellow covering over the metal wire strands and the colour just sings out! It is SO mid 20th century, and so very French can see it - and my other treasures - on my Etsy shop here
and clic on 'Kitchenalia'.

A friend has offered us more chickens - around another half dozen - and I am very grateful, as it gives me surplus eggs that I can offer to my lovely French neighbours in return for all their kindnesses - a bucket of huge potatoes and another of leeks... Soup anyone?

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