Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A few new listings for sale

This is a lovely egg-shell/pale turquoise cotton, printed with gorgeous pink roses - it's quite a large print as you can see by the tape-measure

sorry but all this fabric is now sold
It has never been used - probably left over from another project - and the best thing is that it is extra wide - 2.80 metres in fact! I'm selling it in one whole piece - perfect for bedspread or curtains, and my supplier has more if anyone needs extra.

This is a very popular fabric for the Christmas season, especially amongst my American friends, several of whom have made Christmas-tree skirts for their homes.

It has a woven heart with a sage-green twist - all the right colours for a traditional Christmas...

Makes wonderful lavender hearts too...selling by the half-metre.

Such pretty flowers...

and fancy feet...

Sorry, but this clock case is sold
This is a beautiful porcelain clock case, made around 1900 in the Royal Bonn pottery, Germany and was exported to USA to the Ansonia clock factory. A little vintage gem in pink and lavenders - perfect to house that little clock movement tucked away in the back of the drawer...

Sorry, this cushion is sold
This is a frilled boudoir cushion, stitched in blue and white on an oatmeal background. Notice the Gothic-style windows where the background fabric shows through? I just love the lady musicians and dancer, all dressed in Medieval costume.

Sorry, but this is sold
A lovely vintage bag here, perfect for everyday use or storing wool, sewing etc. Handsewn in a chunky printed linen, lined with oatmeal linen and a pair of bamboo handles. Amazing to think everyone is making these bags now, but this one has been around in France since probably the 70s..and still as stylish now as then.

Sorry, this piece is sold
This is a nice piece of cut-out work, in oatmeal linen, stitched in white. It is the top of a boudoir cushion and could be used again as such, or any other re-purpose project...


For details and further information on any of the items, just press my Ebay shop button on my right-hand sidebar or contact me on my comments page.

Thanks for looking - oh, and enjoy half-term everyone :)

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