Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Heavy Metal... well some not so heavy...

Sorry, but this dish is sold
This gorgeous French silver-plate dish would be just perfect as a Christmas gift or an ideal addition to a dining room setting - imagine it piled high with mince-pies, dusted with icing sugar, or maybe ripest peaches and nectarines...

It is quite heavy, hence my title, and the engraving is so typically French, with elegant cartouches and flourishes, finishing with four sweet little feet...if you are interested, contact me direct or see my Ebay listing here.

Sorry - this is now unavailable
A great retro vintage tea-towel hook rack. The French always have tea-towel hooks for several cloths ie a torchon to dry glasses, one for plates, another for hands and the 4th for maybe an oven cloth. This is a great 1960s or 70s example - I just love the Italian Chianti can see the listing on Ebay here ...or if you're in a hurry, I've got it on Etsy too for an instant purchase - see it here.

(I have featured this before, but it's back up for grabs after a sale fell through due to it being a little long for my friend's kitchen space!)

sorry, but this brioche tin is sold
This is the best French brioche tin I have seen for ages. It has a lovely floral design pressed into the tole - or tin - and the silvering is in excellent condition, with no rust. Just gorgeous in a vintage kitchen or something for that keen cook for Christmas me direct or see my Ebay auction here.

The reverse of my latest find - turn it over and...

Sorry, this bag is sold
This little black velvet bag/purse has metallic silver thread encrusted into the design of a peacock, and on the reverse - a nice touch - is a little cartouche in matching thread. A lovely little bag to go with your little black dress...

see the listing here.

Sorry, these are sold
These are curtain pole supports - you bash the metal spikes into the wall where you need the pole, and the gilt metal ribbed sleeves slip over the spike. The little metal peg sits in a hole in the pole - eh, voila! A stylish, authentically French window arrangement - just need the chateau to go with it! You can see the listing here, or contact me direct.

Well, have a good week everyone!

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