Sunday, 24 October 2010

French Kitchenalia - a few new finds

Sorry, these boulangerie baskets are sold
A couple of beautifully aged French boulangerie baskets - the baker would put the baguette dough in these linen lined baskets and leave in a warm place to rise.

Sorry, but the egg basket is sold
Another egg or salad basket - I've had a couple of this design before, always very popular and extremely useful!

Another boulangerie basket - round this time: you can still see traces of dough...

sorry, but I am keeping this one - until the spring that is!
A soup ladle for that all-important first course - potage - come summer or winter

A great salt pot, with the usual wooden lid BUT it's part of a matching set of...

smiley French chefs! Absolutely as rare as hen's teeth - I have never seen jars like this before - a perfect gift for the Master chef in your life...

And, I also have more of this lovely French fabric - red and sage green, with the sweetest little heart...

both chocolate moulds now sold
Two large chocolate moulds in the shape of Christmas bells - perfect for home-made choccy delights...

To read more about these and other goodies, just click on my EBAY button - or clic here.

Have a good week!

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