Sunday, 31 October 2010

Some new stock - prints and books

Lovely large 1930s fashion print - gorgeous dresses...£6

Or, how about this 1914 ish at £6

Sorry, all the fashion prints are now sold
Or, this divine print, to match above, also at £6

Sorry, this journal is now sold
This is a huge journal, published in 1937 to celebrate the Paris Exhibitin of that year - stuffed full of period illustrations both in colour and black and white. £29.99

Nice book on Brittany - a must if you are thinking of visiting next year - £7

And another on Perigord - covering part of the Dordogne - with all the sites of interest £7

A wonderful book of exploration by the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen - some great illustrations of the voyage. £15. .
Sorry - le Cheval Blanc is now sold
A wonderful book about adventure in the American Prairie by Mayne Reid - great story, great black & white illustrations. £12
'Deux Meres' now sold
Charming story about two French lady cousins and their families - many drawings - over 133 £15

These French books are just lovely in themselves, but look fabulous when used to decorate a room - leave on a table or place on a bookshelf - their vintage charm is irresistable!

Sorry but this is sold
Interesting version of the highway code - in French of course! Great little present for a driving enthusiast with many fun drawings and lots of advice how not to crash....£5

sorry but 'Resistance' is sold
Small book on the French Resistance, with maps, and diagrams £7

Sorry, but the pink magazine is sold
Sweet little Jeannette magazine - or Girl Guide magazine in France - from January 1955 £5

sorry, the green mag is sold
And another from November 1954, full of stories, jokes, how-to's etc £5

Sorry, but the blue magazine is sold
SO adorable - and one from Christmas 1954, with some lovely articles, and the centre spread devoted to the Christmas story...£5


Most of these items are listed on my Ebay shop here - if not, just contact me (haven't had much time this week to finish all of my listings)

I am very happy to finish an auction early, especially at the moment as posting time is always limited with Christmas on its way - just email me or leave a message and I'm more than happy to help - for more photos, just ask!

Have a good week - happy hunting!


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  2. It's a pleasure - I've enjoyed reading all your lovely blogs!



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