Monday, 24 March 2008

My lad is off to London

I'm the world's worst technophobe but I've finally got around to sorting out Blogger - on my own, no help from other half.

Vintage stuff is my passion - I live in France so anything frou-frou is alright with me - I sell on-line - of course - but tonight I've got the night off as my baby is off to London with the school for a 5 day trip and I'm worried.

He might be 6 foot tall and 15 years old with downy stubble, but he is still my baby and I am just hoping that all will be ok and he won't get mugged, stabbed, beaten up, threatened, propositioned or persuaded to join some odd cult religion...

No, I'm sure he'll be fine back in the old country, but hey, all you Londoners out there, watch out for 35 French kids wandering aimlessly around but you'll know him when he speaks - in perfect English of course!

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