Friday, 28 March 2008

Well, he's OK

Heard from my lad in London - he was at changing of the guard the same day as Sarkozy - the French National anthem was played - in whose honour?...

My lad is doing fine - been to the London Eye today, and British Museum. The London Eye wasn't even there the last time I was in London...Neither was Tate Modern - that's tomorrow's treat.

Have been very busy doing stuff on my ebay site - I'm selling stuff to down size: we are selling this large house and going for something a bit smaller and easier to heat. We use around 24 m3 of wood at least each winter - that's a 20 foot container size - everything has to be cut up small enough to go into our wood stove for cooking and hot water, and in the evening we have a wood burner to heat the sitting room. I'ts a big chore and part of our daily routine.

I sell pretty French stuff - linen, fabric, small furniture but all vintage. Nothing new for me! (except books - sell those too)

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