Saturday, 8 May 2010

A whole sheet of Limoges vignettes

Both sheets were sold but found another in a drawer as at April 2011
This is a whole sheet of vignettes from the Limoges porcelain factory. The little country scenes with beautifully dressed courtiers, musicians and galants, were used to decorate the blank pieces of porcelain, then fired and finished by painting by hand.

In the Limousin region, the agricultural workers used to decorate the wares in the winter when they couldn't work on the land - the alternative was slipper or glove making - or starve...

They are such sweet little scenes: singing and dancing, flirting and sneaking kisses, gorgeous 18th century costumes and hairstyles - all so very French...

I've listed it in my Etsy shop here but the best bit is...I've got 2 sheets!

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