Friday, 21 May 2010

Some vintage beauties from the thirties

Sorry, but these two journals are now sold
All these society beauties are from a couple of large Art magazines from 1935/6. The publication called "L'Illustration' was a journal that was terribly expensive at the time, and very Art Deco in style.

It contained many articles about art and culture but the main interest for me is the sheer number of wonderful prints and illustrations inside. some of the prints were mounted and made to be removed for framing, some were to merely illustrate a point or two in an article.

There are also many black and white adverts - cars, perfumes, fashion, travel - all giving a little insight into life in the pre-war era - but only for the wealthy of course!

I have some for sale - two of which are in my Ebay shop here and here, but I do have more, still to be listed.

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