Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Through the door...but which one...

The lower garden door - well, gate actually, - leading into a small field where we have kept pigs, grown vegetables and fruit and it now houses our two newest sheep, awaiting a late lamb or two.

The stable - we kept Alfie our pygmy goat in here - there is a lovely brick lined floor, worn with many years of horseshoes clopping over it.

The back door to the big barn - see the little door cut into it for humans to pass through? We reckon it was built around 1880, not too old but old enough - this is the original door and lintel beam.

This is the door to our wood-store - see the tiny window? We put a storm lantern here when guests are due so they can see their way up the drive - it's a nice welcome...The ferns grow at the base of the barn because traditionally, there is no rain gutter to the barn, and the water splashes onto the ground. It makes it cool in the hot summer.

This is our side-door - we actually use it all the time and friends ring the bell on it too instead of using the rather grand front door. I just love the handle, and coincidentally, my son's front door has a similar handle, but I haven't seen another one like it in the village.

The door does now need a bit of TLC - we had to add the piece at the bottom to stop the wind whistling in during winter - you can see how the step has been worn away over the years from all the clogs passing over it - it was the house of the local Notaire for some years, but the servants and farm workers would all have worn clogs.

When we have finished renovating it, I'll post another photo - hopefully there won't be much difference to see as I'm trying to keep the character of the door and not modernize it. It does look a little formidable, but I like that's just the Limousine character! Tough on the outside, but welcoming nonetheless!

I love all the doors we have - there are loads more - but boy, do they take some upkeep retain the age but to keep out the elements...

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