Friday, 4 June 2010

Bath-time finds...

Sorry, but the bath rack is sold

Sorry but Thea Nigra is sold

Sorry, Cinnamonum is sold

Sorry - both pairs now sold

Just a few bath-time finds I have for sale - the vintage bath rack is just great for soap, sponge and propping up the latest novel - do you read in the bath? You can buy it here and save yourself from getting your book wet!

The antique glass Pharmacy jars came from an old shop in Rochechouart, a small nearby town where millions of years ago, a huge meteorite crashed to earth - now, many of the houses are built from the resulting vulcanised pumice stone. You can read more about the jars here and here. These vintage jars are SO handy for storing cotton wool balls, bath salts, soaps - and they look good too.

Working on the fact that you can't have enough guest or hand towels, these vintage snowy-white finds are soft towelling and monogrammed in red cross-stitch - just in case a guest absent-mindedly packed one away in her bag! I've got 2 pairs and you can see the Ebay listing here. Sorry - the sweet little towel rack isn't for sale - yet...

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