Friday, 9 July 2010

Fabulous new Brocante

I love this new brocante that has opened up recently. It isn't like most French brocantes - everything is clean, polished and no piles of dirty rubbish cluttering up everything. There are two main rooms, the rear room having a glass roof and so there are gardening items and a few small orange trees in there. I like the French grey walls, the polished wooden floor, and it has a more sparse feel to it - still lots of stock, but you can actually see the items instead of climbing over heaps of rotting junk to get to them!

It's not that I don't like sorting through junk - it's just that sometimes the prices French brocanteurs ask for their items, you would think they might dust or polish occasionally.

Actually, I once asked a French antiques dealer about this and his reply was that under French regulations, once he started cleaning up furniture, he was technically an artisan, would pay social charges as such and needed special insurance. So, the solution for most French dealers is to leave the items they found it, muck and all - or as they say 'dans son jus' (in its own juice!)

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