Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wedding Belles - that time of the year again...some little bridal items spanning the years...

Sorry, but the wedding photo is sold
This is a beautifully framed wedding photo from La Belle Epoque - the French Edwardian era - see all those gorgeous hats! The wedding was in the Charente, in a village close to Angouleme.

I think they came from good farming stock, but prosperous - everyone is so well dressed. The ladies are either in mourning black, with little lace bonnets, or white gowns and large picture hats decorated in roses. The men, most sporting handlebar moustaches, look very handsome. You can see a few young boys with large bows at the neck, and on the right is a carriage.

In front of the bride are two musical instruments - perhaps a shared hobby?

Original glazing, frame and mount £25
Not yet listed

Sorry, this bag is sold
A beautiful antique purse or bag, made around 1890-1900, from cream silk, handmade with ribbons and cord stitched to the front, and a brass hook to loop it on a waist sash. Used either for a bride - her hands would be free to hold her bouquet - and her new husband :) - or a guest to hold petals, hankie etc. £15
Not yet listed.

sorry but this bow is sold
A beautiful silken arm bow for a boy's solemn communion - his first being in private - and then sometimes worn at the neck for family weddings etc. Dating from around 1900, this is in palest mint green, with white embroidery and tassels. £15
Not yet listed.

Sweet little vintage 1960s headress to wear hair up in a bun, adjustable, in good condition (just a little dusty inside the ring) £4

A vintage headress with palest peach roses and white net - I thought from 1970s - matching the bouquet below. In good condition, £6

A vintage bouquet of palest peach roses, satin leaves and ribbons, and white net £10

20 blank Menu cards from 1960s £6 - see my Etsy listing here

Or, these 60 blank Menu cards for £16 - more in my Etsy listing here.

I thought it would be nice to dig out some vintage wedding things I have had for a while - a mix of 1960s pretties and rather lovely silk purse, plus a boy's communion bow which he might have worn (or forced to wear!) at a family wedding...

If you would like to know more, just sent me a comment or email.

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