Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kinda wobbly aint'ya!

Well - this is the view from our back door yesterday - a new born lamb! Bit of a shock really - just looked out and there he was - we had let the sheep into the garden to mow the grass for us - much less work than a hover mower...and hey presto!

However - this wasn't meant to happen as we didn't have the ram in last autumn...So, it's either a miracle - and isn't all new life a miracle - or, could it be one of Bleat's nephews, now residing in the freezer wot did the deed?

Sorry he doesn't look very pretty yet - he is only about 10 minutes old, and still covered in yellow gunge and very wobbly, but I am pleased to say that he is now dried off and has a warm cosy place to cuddle down in the old turkey hut. His mother Bleat is a very good Mum but she is getting on a bit and keeps forgetting where she left him, so for safety's sake, they have their own enclosure for a day or two.

Ain't nature wonderful?

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