Friday, 16 March 2012

Do you sell vintage clothes or fabric?

Sorry, but everything now sold (except the blue-birds sheet - on spare bed)

I have recently been looking at the time I spend making individual listings to sell vintage French fabric, clothes and antiques - I do sell on many sites including Etsy and Ebay and some French sites.

Of course, keeping up with the whereabouts of all my stock and their appropriate listings is a challenge - it's OK because I am very well organised, but I'm wondering if my time could be better spent elsewhere doing what I love best, ie buying.

I have found a terrific supplier of vintage and antique French linens, including those fabulous linen shirts and nightdresses but of course, to get really good prices, I have to buy in large quantities. I am more than happy to do this if I can sell in quantity too, straight to my customers, without having to list everything on the various sites piece-by-piece, and the price savings could be passed on too: no listing fees and savings on postage if either I can deliver, or postage discounts.

So, to anyone interested in buying French stock for re-sale whether it is UK, USA, Canada or Australia (one of my best markets - thanks - you gorgeous Ozzies :) do let me know.

Of course, I wouldn't expect anyone to discuss their business over the open forum of my blog, so please email me direct: in total confidence.

In the meantime, have a little look at some of my sold stock throughout this blog, and you should get some idea of the items I deal in, plus of course don't forget I also trade in French antiques other than textiles.

And, you don't have to buy from me in large quantities, it's just cheaper for you, that's all.

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  1. Hi Carol, You have hit the nail on the head! It's photographing and listing things that takes so much time isn't it( I do so much prefer the searching and buying)? I'm trying to find the time/courage to start selling on Etsy... but it's such a daunting prospect! The fabrics and clothes you have shown are SO beautiful, I am drawn to them but don't have any expertise in that field... I just yearn! I do hope you've had lots of interest. Jane xx



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