Sunday, 6 January 2013

Some sheep photos

I have been asked for some photos of our sheep, so John, here are some from earlier in 2012, showing the new lambs.  Incidentally, to those who ask 'how can you tell when a ewe is ready to lamb?' just look at the photo of Bleat's rear end...not very delicate I know, but a very good indicator!

People also ask 'how can you eat those adorable lambs?' but by the time autumn comes and those male lambs have grown into teenage rams, we really do want to wave them goodbye - too many macho male hormones flying around.

This area has a shelter - they have two others deeper into the field area - but is near the gate where we feed and water, so the girls, being quite sociable sheep, like to come and settle down in the afternoon sun for a snooze while the lambs play 'King of the Castle'.

Last year, even by April, there was hardly any grass and we were worried we'd be feeding pellets all year.  Then, the Limousin rain arrived and it poured down for weeks!

Wonder what the weather will be like in 2013?


  1. Thank you carol
    I have just got 2 Soay ewes.... Nt sure if both are preggers as yet!

  2. Hello Carol, I love your sheep pictures. David had sheep and lambs in the field next to his cottage. they gave us so much pleasure. the lamb's mad antics are so amusing!Jane xx

  3. Well, I think the girls are due for a lamb holiday this year - our local sheep guy has retired so we weren't able to borrow a ram!



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