Thursday, 2 May 2013

Some boxes for sale

I just love boxes - can't resist them!  So useful and pretty - perfect for storing the obvious such as hats, but for small precious objects too.

My favourite is the little green stamp box, but I also like the box with the mauve Limoges porcelain vignette - she's very elegant!

Nice little raffia and straw sewing box - now sold

a perfect starter sewing box for a child - it comes with all these bits and bobs, just as I found it.

A souvenir of Toulouse - once contained the famous Violettes de Toulouse scented goodies such as talcum powder and eau-de-parfum
Box now sold

This has a label on the top to send to a friend by post

This is a hat box, but the label has a furrier's name so I wonder if it was a fur hat that was stored here - especially for the summer, as the label suggests - now sold

It once was a brighter green but has faded with the passage of time...

This is a lidded box, again to hold a souvenir and this time from Cognac.  My guess is Cognac-filled chocolates - chocolate AND booze - nice combo! - now sold

It has a Limoges porcelain plaque of a very elegant Madame on the front

and my favourite, this little stamp box, with two compartments - now sold.

You can see more details here for all the items, except the green stamp box, which is here.

Have a good end-of-the-week!



  1. I like the stamp box too, lovely.

  2. Hi Jo

    I loved the colour, and the fact it was so tiny yet perfectly formed!

  3. Hello Carol- I too love the stamp box, actually ALL the boxes, I can never resist them... Have a happy weekend Jane xx

  4. I love boxes too - is this one onyx?
    It's a lovely green.
    Yes my daughter told me the weather hasn't been great in France. I'm hoping it improves by the time I get there in June!
    Thank you for your kind comment Carol.
    Shane ♥



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