Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stupid, stupid, stupid...

I don't know what it is about the French government, but it seems to want to shoot itself - and everyone in France - in the foot - I am ripping my hair out with all the frustration of it all.

895,000 people have signed up for the 'Auto-entrepreneur' scheme - a scheme for the smallest, littlest, itsy-bitsy businesses.  It was designed to get people off the 'chomage', or unemployment, and to stop people working on the black ie paying no taxes.  It was also to help students and pensioners earn a little extra without having to start up proper companies with all the paperwork and money up-front that entailled..

It seemed to be working well.  But, as all things in France, when someone thinks someone else is getting a better deal, the complaints started rolling in from artisans such as builders, decorators etc as they considered these new upstart entrepreneurs were not paying their way in health and tax charges.

So, the socialist government are going to limit an auto-entrepreneur to two years on the scheme, after which the heavier business scheme kicks in, or a limit of $15,000 pa turnover if the entrepreneur has another form of income ie a paid job or pension.

I guess a large percentage of the auto-entrepreneurs will just close down and go back on the dole - I can't afford the 5 or 6 thousand euros virtual up-front fees so I will close my business down and go on the dole too.  OH will close his business and retire.

I am so angry - such stupidity!  In this day and age, where jobs are as rare as hens' teeth - who is going to employ two old British-ex pat codgers like us?  Who is going to employ the hundreds of thousands of ex-auto-entrepreneurs or will they go back on the dole?  And if they do go back on the dole, where is the money going to come from to pay for it?  And can the French government afford to lose the taxes and social charges that the auto-entrepreneurs are currently paying into the treasury?

I've talked to other auto-entrepreneurs and they think that in the business world, the French government is just a laughing stock and I agree - it could not govern its way out of a paper bag.


  1. I will miss popping in once in awhile to see your pretty things if you close your on-line shop. I'm sorry about your trouble and I think I know how you feel. You will find something else you like to do, I think.

  2. Thanks Nancy! There is a fight going on between the auto-entrepreneurs and the government - a petition, and a 'letter to the President' so you never know, maybe it won't happen. Sometimes in France, when there is enough opposition, decisions are reversed, so fingers crossed.x

  3. Hi Carol , long time no see ! !

    What is going to happen with the AE scheme, do you know yet? Most importantly is our time going to be limited, I really need to know because I need to order stock for next year and the year after !. Talk about messing things up, how on earth do they expect you to run, even a small business, when you just don't know what is going to happen in a few months time.

    Really love your blog, loads of pretty things. Did you ever get round to making all those lavender bags?
    Veronica @ La Roseraie Anglaise

  4. Hi Veronica! Nice to hear from you - how's biz? I did make some lavender bags, and do you know what? Didn't sell a single, gave some to a charity and a few as little gifts etc. I think either my sewing skills are awful, or everyone got fed up with lavender hearts. Oh well.

    Re AE, as far as I can see, the turnover for selling is halved but nothing yet about the time constraint. The French goverment are due to ratify etc after the summer holiday, but one of the major govt ministers (forgotten his name) has put his boot in and is trying to leave the AE alone, but of course, M'selle Minister Pinel will have to be left with face so this is why the turnover was halved. I think it is just vanity legistlation - she wants a law named after her.

    I've joined the Poussins - silly name, but the association of AEs trying to get though all this. Here's the link

    at least they are trying!

    Thanks for your kind comments by the way! x



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