Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Picnic area at Chateau d'Eveque

We had to drive down into the Dordogne this week - to Perigeux in fact.  Because OH can't always get the food he needs (type2 diabetes) we sometakes take sarnies/yoghurts/fruit etc when going on a little drive.

En route, we saw this little picnic area, just off the main road and stopped to eat.  It was a gorgeous little haven, with a running stream - clear as a bell as you can see.  It is lovely to be able to stop in such a pretty and clean area - although in this part of France, the countryside is just glorious and it's always neat and pretty - but sort of always taken for granted.  This area has been provided as a picnic stop and also for camper vans to sort out their, ahem, arrangements

We had to stop at the level crossing to let a train pass - unusual to actually see a train for us - and although I didn't get a shot of it, here is the ticket office, which shows the name of the village nearby.

 The translation of Chateau d'Eveque is Bishop's Palace, and next time we are down that way, we'll investigate the village. 

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