Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Some recent stock items

Just a few items sold or up for sale recently - hope you like them!

A gorgeous pair of metal handles, decorated with lions, but unusually silver coloured, not the normal bronze. Sold

A  nice little French fur muff to keep nice little hands warm - and the original box- Sold

 A couple of pairs of pinze-nez, and with cases both sold

Such a pretty candlestick, in white porcelain from Porcelain de Paris, decorated with the sweetest roses and forget-me-nots...

And from Limoges, a beautifully simple asparagus serving dish and drainer - but you'll have to be quick as the season is so short! Sold

An olive oil pot from Provence, glazed interior, for the rustic kitchen, or on display in the garden - Sold

A large terrine dish, in the shape of the cutest rabbit, with the text 'Terrine du Chef' decorated in blue and green sold

A wonderful cookery book - all the flavours of the Med  - from Marseille, with an authentic and traditional recipe for bouillabaisse

For anyone interested, deeply interested, in trees of the British Isles: this is volume I of a must-have set -Sold

A French book on the Chateau of Chambord - there is a huge brocante in the grounds of the chateau in the next few days...I would love to go, but there is so much going on right now at home - including welcoming our newest arrivals - two ferrets!  - sorry, book is sold.

If you would like any more information or enquire to buy, just send me a message.


  1. Nice! The book page in the the French book would make an interesting framed art piece.
    I think I like the terrine dish best.

  2. Hi Nancy - I love the rabbit on the terrine too - he looks quite worried...

  3. Awww, what a cute little bunny on the terrine dish, I love that. I always wanted a fur muff when I was a child. Lots of the books I read showed children wearing them and I was always so jealous.

  4. Hi Jo - me too! I especially wanted to skate elegantly, wearing a fur muff, but I can't even stand up on skates!

  5. You really are living the dream! I love the candlestick - does it have a price? Can I afford it/should I??

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  7. Hi Marianne - Yes, it certainly is very pretty! Here is the listing if you would like some more details:


    You'll have to cut and paste, but it has all the details!

  8. Lots of interesting items here. I am now following your blog on bloglovin. Thanks for commenting on mine!



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