Thursday, 17 July 2014

A few little bits for sale

Both bonnets now sold
Two gorgeous 19th century cotton sun bonnets - worn by the Limousin ladies whilst working outdoors. Well, today it was over 40 degrees C and there is no way I'm working in my veggie plot - I think these 19th century country girls were made of sterner stuff!

The bonnets are voluminous at the back of the head to allow for waist-length hair, all safely gathered in - the adjusting cord allows all stray hair to be tucked in.

Fabric now sold
A really punchy colour for a tablecloth!  Never designed to be 'best' household linen, this would have been thrown over the kitchen table after the chores were done and the meal prepared on weekdays.  For Sundays, then out would come the damask or linen - if you were rich enough!

This piece now sold, but more available.
A little bit of 1930s cotton fabric - perfect for your own project, maybe cushion cover, lavender bags or needle case.  love the flowers - quite charming!

Blouse now sold
A beautiful vintage French blouse - very demure.  It has handmade lace and embroidery - with a sweet little vignette of flowers and the name 'Marie' carefully stitched on the front.  The blouse is fastened with white milk glass buttons.

and, another blouse, similar but in a light weight cotton, and a little plainer.  The buttons here are mother-of-pearl. blouse now sold

Finally, a little morceau of fabric, rather scruffy as it is just a little piece left over from something else - I think it has been used many times,  but I love the pattern - perfect for again, another cushion cover.
fabric now sold

Most of these are on my Ebay site here, but if not ('cos I haven't listed everything yet - far too hot to concentrate at the moment) just send me a comment and I will give you more details.

Enjoy the weather, stay cool!

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